In fall, 2011, Dana began trying out a great photo lighting product called LUMIpro.  LUMIpro is a device that generates three little balls around your body that you can move around and adjust any way you want.  When you the effect you want, you click a button and they disappear--but the light stays!

The photo below is the first nice one taken with LUMIpro, nighttime at the Golden Gate Bridge.  All the light on Dana is from the LUMIpro lights.


Some time passed before Dana got back to her LUMIpro photography again.  But in February 2012, she had the chance to meet the creator of LUMIpro at a special photo expo.  He tutored her for nearly an hour, and not just about the lighting device!  She learned about the difference between zooming in with the Mouse wheel (which MOVES the camera toward the subject) and using CTRL-8/CTRL-0 (which really does ZOOM the camera; changing its focal length).  Dana has never been happy with her closeups (done with the mousewheel), which always distorted her face.  The new technique makes a huge difference!

120213ZoomDollyTest_00102The picture on the left was taken by using the mousewheel to move the camera in.  It distorts the face, and makes the nose look larger (just like it would in real life photography).

The picture on the right was done by truly ZOOMING the camera lens in.  Dana’s face is natural; the nose and chin, especially, are not distorted.

Dana’s photos will never be the same again!





The photo montage below shows the identical pose taken with LUMIpro’s four standard lighting patterns, and then two presets Dana made herself.  Take a look at the difference!



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