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Links and SLurls

What's Here?

Stop by this page to find links to my favorite SL Websites and locations inside Second Life.

Web Links

  • Fabulously Free in SL
    Join Fab Renee as she searches out the very best free (and almost free)  stuff in SL!  She and her team constantly update this blog; you'll find  new stuff every day!
  • Preferences FAQ
    What do all those little checkboxes and drop-down lists do, anyway?  A nice listing that explains what to check and why.
  • SL Parks and Recreation Directory
    Ever taken a hike on a Linden Road?  Did you know there's a really beautiful suspension bridge (as well as a long tunnel) on the Mainland?  This  page has a huge list of interesting places to visit!
  • Phoenix Viewer
    Although most new users download and use the free viewer from the Second Life Website, there are quite a few third-party viewers built on Linden Labs’ open source platform.  The Phoenix Viewer is probably the most popular of these, and is my favorite and the one I use every day.


(You need a Second Life account to see these!  Get one free at !)

  • Haight Street Love
    Dana and Saphaire’s menswear shop!  In the Fisherman’s Wharf sim of San Francisco, across from the art museum and short walk from the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.  Opened June 2011.
  • BishWear
    Lots of lovely things here, but especially the HAIR by ShyOne (aka DBS Heart).
  • GizzA Creations
    A great store for men’s and women’s fashion, including one of the best freebie walls anywhere.
  • Karu Karu
    Karu Karu is all latex by designer Chane Karu, with a deep metallic sheen, like the candy apple paint on a sports car.
  • Kayliwulf Kingdom
    One of the oldest, probably the largest, latex designer/retailer stores in SL.  Lazarus Luan and Daphne Goodnight own and run this place; stop by and meet their live models!
  • Mimi’s Choice
    From a single store, Mimi’s is now FOUR big buildings filled with great fashion from many top designers.  If you’re lucky, Mimi herself will be there to help you!
  • Transgender Outreach Center
     Sim dedicated to the TG community.  Info on all trans resources in SL,  Regular support groups, relax,dance,boat tour,campfire,picnic  area,freebies,games.
  • Transgender Resource Center
    Our mission is to foster the development of a positive and helpful  community to support those facing the unique challenges that confront  transgender individuals and to engender the acceptance and support of  transgender individuals.
  • Transgender Lounge
    Come and relax in a tolerant gender diverse environment! Meeting place for  all Trans, Transgender, Gender Queer,  Transsexual, Androgyne, TG TV TS  CD LGBT - Friendly to ALL of SL's subcultures! Child-Avatar friendly.
  • The Shelter
    Just getting started in SL?  This is a wonderful place to start, with lots of freebies and people to help you!  (This is where I learned how to  open a box after buying it.)  They even have classes in all sorts of  things!

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