Haight St Love

Haight Street Love

In September 2011, the Fisherman’s Wharf sim closed down and took our shop down with it.  But we’re back!  HSL has a shop in the GayZ shopping mall.

In May 2011, Dana and friend Saphaire opened Haight Street Love in San Francisco, the center of the SL gay community.  Since they’re about the only girls for miles around, they sell clothes and shoes for guys.  (Pretty different experience, shopping for guy stuff to sell!)

See the Golden Gate Bridge at the far right side of the picture?  It was a beautiful build (gone now); looked just like the real one!  See a photo below.


Opening the shop has started Dana and Saphaire on learning to make clothes.  In this photo, they’re wearing a simple latex T-shirt, Dana’s first project.


Here’s the Golden Gate Bridge, looking at from over at the Marin Headlines side.  You can see the Transamerica Pyramid in the background.  (This looks like a painting; but it really is the 3-dimensional view, with Draw Distance turned way up.)


The name of our shop lets us play with the word “Haight” on Tshirts and other things we make.  This was the first one, made on that same latex T shown above.

We learned fast that what works on a guy shirt falls apart on a female; the words get all crunched in the middle as the shirt stretches over our breasts.


We know people come to SL-SF from all over the world, so we wanted to bring some of the real world San Francisco to our community.  We put this sign up on the side; it has a link to the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Party Website.  The celebration will go on all year!


Dana made this shirt as a gift; in the box is the shirt, a landmark to the shop, and an information notecard with a link to join the Haight Street Love Group.

HSL Free Gift Box02

Here’s Dana at the real Golden Gate Bridge in July 2011!  (She really was standing right there where she is in the picture, too.)


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