Gallery 5

New Hair!

You know how it is; you go shopping for one thing and end up with something completely different!  That’s what happened today.  Dana and Janel followed a group notice to a hair shop; they’re having a contest where you buy one of their new styles, photograph it and submit it to a contest.  But after trying on the hair, we didn’t like it very much!  The colors were very flat and uninteresting.  (Look at my hair in the banner above; it has tinges of red that make it exciting.)

But we were hair shopping, so Janel took me to her other fav hair places!  We ended up at BishWear, and I saw something I really thought I would like, but the Demo delivery didn’t work!  I sent an IM to the shop owner, and she was online and gave me a demo copy right away.  I put it on, and I reallydid like it!  And bought it, of course.

So for the first time since developing the “look” I have now, I’m wearing new hair that, like my Sirena hair, really feels like Me.  We tried on some outfits, and Janel loaned me her Bronze Diamond Catsuit from GIZZA.  We went over to their main store and I took the photos on this page.   (Links to both stores are on my Links & SLurls Page.)






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