Gallery 4

Picture Gallery 4--Randoming!

OK, “randoming” isn’t a real word.  But it describes what Janel and I did this July 2011 afternoon in SL.  Janel has a gadget that generates a random SLURL.  That is, it will come up with a location somewhere in SL, completely out of your control.  Then you teleport there and find out what it is!  Once there, you explore the location to see if there’s a nice place to do photography, and let it inspire you to create a look just for that place.  Take a look!

Dana models the YDEA “Belty” dress.

These photos are on top of a mountain at the Prince William Community College sim, our first “random” location.




Dana applies her striking pink eyeshadow.

A pink YDEA outfit called “Banned” goes well with it, as does a black fishnet top (unknown designer).




Dana and Janel show their softer sides in light silk gowns.




We jumped to a sandbox (where we could work with our scripted shoes), and experimented with the Sky Editor.  Here are three identical poses with three different Light settings.

Which one do you like best?





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