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Picture Gallery 3

RedSilks_00102Spring 2011, and I’m exploring the world of modeling.  Not an easy field to get into!  There are thousands of models (including wannabes like me), dozens (if not hundreds) of agencies and schools; there are photographers, and stores who have staff models... Whew!

And contests!  The most common lets you put a photo up on a board, and then get friends to come and "vote" for you by paying L$ to the board.  I don’t like these much.  Others have you buy something and wear it for a photo.  Prizes are sometimes L$ cash, and often also include exposure in a SL magazine, video, a Website, or maybe a place in a fashion show or pageant.  The pictures on this page were taken for some of these contests.


Here's a fun one!  The SACHI Photo Studio had a contest for Eyes by Izadora Pelazzi.  For this contest, the submitted photo had to be "direct to Inventory," meaning you can't save it to your computer and Photoshop it.  This also means that YOU have to take the photo yourself!  I like  this type of contest a lot! 

I wasn't sure which color eyes to buy, so I took a picture of the display board, saved that to my computer, and then  inserted some the eyes in another photo so I could see how they would  look with the gold outfit I wanted to wear.  Here's how those turned  out:


GoldEyesSACHIentry02I decided on the gold ones (on the right) and bought those.  Then I went to a space sim and flew near some planets and galaxies (which kind of  look like eyes, I think).  The resulting photo is on the right. 

I didn’t win, but that’s OK.  It was really fun, and I feel like I did a nice job with it.


The Champagne! store does a fun monthly contest.  You wear a Champagne outfit and are allowed to Photoshop the picture.  I  went to a free photo studio and did poses with a gray background, then  searched for and found some interesting sims and photographed them to  use.

Here’s one of the originals with the gray background:


And here’s the one I submitted to the contest.


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