Gallery 2

Picture Gallery 2

This is the Cleo gown from Jador.  (In fact, just about everything on this page is Jador, which I buy at Mimi's Choice.)  Cleo is a long gown with pearls front and back; just gorgeous.


You can change the time of day (and its light) to  anything you want in SL.  So the two photos below are in the same spot,  just a few minutes later in real time, but from evening to midnight SL time.


I jumped on a dance model platform at Mimi's wearing my Jador Red Hot Byker suit.  That was so fun!


Couldn't resist getting that black one too.  And a silver one after that!


Sometimes I meditate, or just relax.  SL is a really nice place to do that, especially if there's music playing.

poses_00202 poses_01002

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